What is the status of Pure Power Mouth Guard and Makkar Athletics?


There has been speculation into the status of Makkar Athletics and the Pure Power Mouth Guard.  Currently they have been forced into receivership as its creditors are owed large amounts of money.

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Pure Power Mouth Guard forced into receivership


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The company that invented the Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM) has been placed into receivership.

According to a story published in a provincial newspaper, Makkar Athletics Group Inc., created by Truro dentist Anil Makkar, has been forced into receivership by a Calgary invester who is owed $250,000.

In all, the company’s 23 unsecured creditors are owed a total of $2,369,245.

The Truro Daily News published a story in November regarding legal papers that had been served on Makkar by former company CEO Kris Astaphan, who at that time had initiated a lawsuit to recover slightly more than $1.6 million he says he is owed.

Makkar could not be reached for comment on Friday but in the November story he was quoted as saying that the objective of the suit filed by Astaphan was “… to PPM in a bad limelight …”

“He didn’t deal in good faith. That is going to be our defence,” Makkar said at the time.

In the latest development receiver Mark Rosen is quoted as saying that Makkar Athletics will not be restructured in any way but will be sold at public tender within a week or so.

Rosen did not place a value on the company but suggested a lot of investors would be interested in the public sale.

The current situation is a far cry from the success that was anticipated from PPM after Makkar began marketing the specialty mouthguard, which was designed by naturally aligning jaw muscles to improve strength, balance, endurance and oxygen intake.

Makkar spent time developing his mouthguard with many teams in Canada and the U.S., signing on such stars as NFL player Terrell Owens and Major League Baseball slugger Manny Ramirez

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